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  • Roopehunter wrote: » How did you ever think creating a new thread would be of use? I actually created a new thread by accident lol couldn’t figure out how to delete it
  • How in the world do you take the positive response to buffing characters and think hey that must mean people will be happy if we arbitrarily eliminate characters everyone has worked really hard on? This is so incredibly stupid. It’s the exact opp…
  • Monel wrote: » dcbfan wrote: » Just another money grab for CG, Disney and EA games. Another character I will never get. How about fixing the game so casual players can have some of these toons. This is complete ****. will probably stop playing…
  • masternikolaos wrote: » Hey all, I thought this would be an interesting thing to see for people. First let me state that I do not believe SWGOH Tools is associated with CG in any way. Also, I don't know if their tool currently accounts for the red…
  • Mello257 wrote: » The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes. As for cost, we selected initial values based upon data from the Open Beta and other adjustments made to milestone rewar…
  • Very true. I guess I will get to work on Phoenix. How high did you have to get their gear level for the thrawn event?
  • Yeah I thought about them. I might end up doing that. I just don’t like them lol
  • Kelarn wrote: » I don't recall them ever having individual Phoenix packs.. only ever seen the mega pack (160 bucks Australian.. gl selling those). http://gaming-fans.com/2017/10/buy-phoenix-squadron-ultimate-bundles/
  • Oh ok, I didn’t know about the swgoh.gg thing I will go make an account when I can. I do have Boba but He’s still kinda squishy and when I used him against that wiggs chaze team he went down before taking a shot
  • I’m working on multiple rosters. I am using the tm loading tricks. The first one I have encountered a few times that I can’t crack at all is a wiggs chaze team that’s always higher gear and level. Can’t even take one of them out with all my squad…

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