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  • The Tenebrus Way is recruiting! We are a very old guild that started the day wedge came out and we are looking for 10-12 people to finish filling our roster for HSTR which we want to start ASAP!! Contact me (Shaddes) About us: -96 mil gp 3…
  • Your nihilus is not meant to mirror a raid version of nihilus. I’ve gotten scores of 2 million+ with nightsisters and a deathtroopercentered team. You can deal with the protection gains by using characters with either high tenacity or heavy secondar…
  • I think you should have read the large announced post about the raid reward changes before saying they need to be changed, because they will be changing.
  • Sarith_LeKit wrote: » It locks entire guild when participation starts not when you join so it doesnt matter when you joined your characters will stay the way they were when TW poped The players lock when participation starts not your Roster…
  • CLS for p1, resistance or rebels for p2, Savage solos for p3 then p4 is a joke. That's how we do it now. Savage Solo in p3 is going to be taken over by Jedi training Rey teams, one jtr team almost soloed p3 last night
  • We did it before CLS! but it did take 4-6 hours in phase 3, chipping down the whole phase by myself with savage was super tedious but thankfully with this new wave of CLS and JTR we roll through it. One silent member of my guild who I thought was j…
  • Yeah I was mainly just trying to see where other guilds were at gp wise to know what I'm going against in territory wars. We clear HAAT within an hour or so of it starting
  • We were able to clear it yesterday I was just curious if other guilds around that gp were able to clear it. Wondering if we'd run into any gk teams in territory wars with guilds around our gp. Didn't realize my initial post made me seem stupid, I kn…
  • And yes he is required for parts of TB. Unless I'm totally hallucinating the commander Luke skywalker missions.
  • I don't believe you, it's easy to just say that, also Can you just not post here? Your comments are not welcome or helpful. I've been very patient in waiting for CLS to come back, and this is my first time expressing my concern
  • You sound like you're not free to play so this doesn't apply to you. The gear he needs is gear everyone needs, the people who got CLS the first time only did so with either money, or been playing since old Ben etc.. were meta and were fortunate enou…
  • I agree, I really would like this feature back, especially as a guild leader, it helps me keep track of who's logging on and actually progressing and who is just logging on to keep me from booting them! Lol, it also did make the guild look more act…
  • Are there any moderators or developers even checking the forums???.... bump.....
  • There are two nodes that unlock rolo, one required CLS as well so he's right. I'd also like to know if/when CLS will come back around.
  • I'm wondering when this event is going to come back and if I need to focus on getting the event characters now or if I have time to put my focus elsewhere
  • I just read through the original suggestion and I'm all for it, I lead a free to play guild that I started over a year ago and we finally worked our way up to the heroic raid and clearing it too quickly is actually a huge issue now. I have one me…

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