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  • Bought two $10 gift cards from Got the first reward without a hitch. Second one never went thru, Google saying something about already having that in game item even thou it's suppose to have a limit of three. Finally got my second $…
  • Myself and my guild mates having the same issues. Earlier this morning, I got 3/3 on ships and it registered correctly. Around 13:50 PDT I did the southern territory combat mission (not special mission) and finished 6/6, but when I went to check t…
  • CG_Kozispoon wrote: » To clarify - the Fleet mastery events will be monthly. The Chimaera is a legendary event which, as always, will be extremely rare. Guessing Phantom and Ghost will be required, but how many ships additional ships will…
  • Why is Phoenix getting zeta before toons like Palpatine? Makes me wonder if a feature could be added so I could sell all my ds toons to the shard shop and recover some of the credits, gear, and ability mats I apparently wasted on them. #SithLi…
  • Tbh, I wouldn't have considered BB-8 to be worthy of a legendary event, but... there he is. Maybe it could be that Mother Talzin will get a legendary event release that requires 5 nightsisters to unlock. Similar to how Yoda needed 5 Jedi to unloc…
  • Sapient2k7 wrote: » What about "I am your father" unique CLS is stunned for 5 turns. What he really needs is the unique "I have a son!?" I have a son!? If Luke Skywalker (any version) is active on either side, when Darth Vader or any en…

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