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  • I, someone who doesn't have a gear 11 at all, I think Darth Regan needs to be more exclusive. It'll help keep the Meta changing and force people to come up with creative counters.
  • Sorry that I was vague. I downloaded an update for the console now it won't read original Xbox games. It reads Xbox 360 games fine though. I have tried using the internet with it but to no avail.
  • I Have downloaded it multiple times and by all logic I should like it(strategy and Star Wars) but I just wasn't in to it.
  • Expanded Universe Books and Games. 'Nuff said.
  • The rework is not bad. It made a previously unfun squad fun to use. In a game that is all that is important.
  • thewhitegift wrote: » Tman wrote: » thatguy181 wrote: » Roopehunter wrote: » Edward wrote: » Roopehunter wrote: » If you dont know Revan, its your loss. And a pretty big one, if you like sw. Not sure what the ftp part is abo…
  • thatguy181 wrote: » Roopehunter wrote: » Edward wrote: » Roopehunter wrote: » If you dont know Revan, its your loss. And a pretty big one, if you like sw. Not sure what the ftp part is about. You do what you feel is right, either bu…
  • Han Solo and the Legends version of Luke. Ben Skywalker was cool, too.
  • Nerfs wont do anything. This is a new raid that will take time to master.
  • NicWester wrote: » Releasing characters via Marquee event is the best thing to happen to this game. You get the character to 3* for free, you get a chance to test them out with any squad, you get a bunch of mods that you're probably going to sell …
  • It is the best possible way to deal with 100% TM. It creates randomness which in turn challenges you to think of multiple strategies. It might get annoying when it doesn't go your way, but its there to create balance and different puzzles to solve.
  • Val_Galahadred wrote: » Your question is a little unclear, @Tman . What do you mean by "what should my squad look like?" You've already told us what you intend to run. Also, if you could post a link to your account (go ahead and crea…
  • ScrawnyKid88 wrote: » Here's the thing, there are clearly.people who dislike this series of Star Wars movies because of diversity. It can be seen whenever somebody starts complaining about agendas and politics ruining the films. When you start try…
  • Wow, I'm so glad I have common sense. One of the key parts of running a business is to, at the very least appear to, have communication with your consumers. Another key component is spreading the good word about the product you are selling. This is …
  • This is a little morbid, but... (Spoiler)
  • A friend asked if I was trying to annoy him. I said "No, if I was trying I'd act like you."
  • I'm not quite on the same page as you guys with needing more money to win. I haven't paid a cent on ships and still stay in my consistent spot. The F2P or P2W argument seems invalid here as it operates the same as before 2.0. It's just how the devs …
    in Ships 2.0 Reply by Tman June 2018
  • Sorry @Kyno i couldn't think of the right place to put it so I gave it a shot
  • Its preliminary review but I liked the film. It captures the sense of the OT by just being fun. Might rank higher than ROTJ for me.
  • UrbanSpacemanKAL wrote: » *Brief basketball reference* When you can't remember whether your team is ahead or not, despite that being the fundamental point of 4th quarter basketball.: Its sad how often that happens.
  • Yerff_Caasi wrote: » How graphic/violent is Force Unleashed? Parents might not let my little bros play if it's too much... I have both and neither are graphic. Its not anymore violent than the movies.
  • Aluxendr wrote: » DashRendar wrote: » Didn't read... saw title....Yawn. Leave, no one cares. It's a game, play or don't. Complaining is for sad pathetic people. Go hike, hunt, bike or enjoy nature, maybe get a date. Thanking the community for …
    in Thanks... Reply by Tman May 2018
  • Vladushka wrote: » Totally agree this OP! Why force players to leave their guild in order to stay competitive in arena? And Traya today is so overpowered that there is no way around. Paying players don’t benefit, ftp players don’t benefit ... …
    in Thanks... Reply by Tman May 2018
  • F2p here, I think marquee events for us. Most toons released here are good at low stars or not good. Think about the other ways you would have to pay without marquee events. They don't look as bad now do they
  • Bob wins. I must admit I'm bit of a fanboy, but my main reasoning is that I grew up with the legends Boba. I loved that Bob's and was easily the one of my frustrations with legends being discontinued(second to only Ben Skywalker). I think they shou…
  • 7 starring R2:
  • I always thought Disney should have ran both Disney Canon and Legends. The could be how Marvel ran there different realities(earth 616 and ultimate universe). My Star Wars is everything dealing in Star Wars.
  • Because if it weren't for it I wouldn't. Be playing as it would be P2P other wise. I also like the grind so I feel much more accomplished when I get someone like CLS. That is one of the reasons I feel bad for P2W players as they don't have that s…

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