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  • Since at least 2ish Eastern time. Our guild's HAAT is starting now. HPit at 5ET. Thanks for another colossal update blunder, CG!
  • So now 6E mods on new journey events is the standard? No thanks. I'll get them second or third pass. That's absurd. It made sense for Chewie and 3PO because their required toons have been available for years. This is a new level of shady.
  • Perfect. HAAT and HPit all in the next 1.5 hrs...
  • @Darth_DeVito what team? I'm 8 shards of Jango away from finishing up: zBossk G12, 220 spd, 80k protection Boba G12, 220 spd, 216 CD Cad G10+3, 161, 216 CD Jango G10+5, 230, 186 CD Greedo G9 I'm debating how much more to invest in Greedo.
  • @Scottishtroop87 I had a 6* G8 zBossk, Boba & Zam G9, Greedo and Cad G8. Grabbed a 6* Chewie after about 10-15 attempts last time. He's THAT good.
  • Scarred is awesome. The counter chance increase means pretty much everybody on the enemy team will have Tenacity Down in a matter of a few turns. Excellent against Bastila teams. The pre-taunt is also great because it pairs with above and results…
  • @Mephisto_style they are, but not for this event. The key to the Chewie event is surviving the opening set of pre-loaded turns by the rebels. It's why zBossk lead or Boba lead modded for potency are the two recommended paths. Jango's speed boost …
  • Tuftedpaper85 wrote: » The fact that you had to write a FAQ page for his kit should give you cause for reflection. Get your act together Only one way to go from here. More text. More confusion. More nerfs for old characters because of unint…
  • DarthRevan1023 wrote: » Gluckychou wrote: » Halo wrote: » Intrapidoo wrote: » Kyno wrote: » Intrapidoo wrote: » Riffinator wrote: » Intrapidoo wrote: » Kyno wrote: » Intrapidoo wrote: » CG_SBCrumb CG_ParkingInst…
  • Greedo ranks just above an IG88 costume-wearing garbage can in terms of survivability in general, so I'd rather zeta someone else and just restart the event a few times. In a nutshell: it won't make or break the event. Your mods will have more of…
  • @Painki11er this was almost two years old. Moving locked mods has been possible for a while, you just can't sell them. Solid necro though.
  • @Holy_warrior Zeb says hi. Ezra also gets more TM from no debuffs, and defense up for 2 turns. Not just damage.
  • @Fahrius Hence why I said ridiculous luck. Virtually impossible but it's still possible. Just not probable. It was a thread trying to figure out highest possible speed a few months ago.
  • I don't see an AoE 2-turn stun. I see an unavoidable (not un-resistable) AoE shock. Am I missing something?
  • Fastest possible mod set is +187 assuming ridiculous luck. So BB8 174+187+17 = 378 speed before TM gain.
  • Young Han gets over 600 with a max speed set, his unique plus a speed up buff. I did the math a while back. Edit - Found it: Young Han 137 base +187 mods +14 speed set bonus +200 unique = 538 in-game speed With speed up (not sure if it goes o…
  • Everyone talks about using debuffs to your advantage but with Fastila spreading CBM nobody is going to be landing anything on this team worth an Execute or Culling Blade. Not to mention massive health gains and health steal for the two critical m…
  • That's all people are going to do to circumvent the auto deploy ruining their offense: set an absolute garbage team in only one zone. That way their best are still available for offense and you as the attacker only get 1 reward and 1 quest advanceme…
  • Yes she does.
  • 700k+ on a Crit? I'd say so.
  • It Binds All Things is the most popular zeta in the game for a reason. It's like a mini-leadership ability.
  • It's nice to quote me, but at least read my entire post before using it.
  • When you click "JOIN" you're randomly sorted onto the list that's shown during the join period. Once the raid is complete people are slotted in the following two ways, IN ORDER: Method 1 - Most Damage Method 2 - Equal Damage but sorted base…
  • From the actual Dev Post about the server issue: "The team will investigate and compensate you up [ to ] 200 crystals." The "to" was missing in their post so I fixed it. Anyone who says they received more than 200 either had a really gullib…
  • You don't get better odds at all. The odds are for each individual sim. If you throw 6 dice at a time versus 1 dice six times, each individual dice has a 1-in-6 chance of hitting a particular number. And for proof, here are my last 4 Cantina farm…
  • @Tryxa I'll add that you have to hope it stuns 3+ of them or Palp is dead from the 20k+ crit counters... I wish my Phoenix could hit that hard.
  • Common sense practice would be to set the default to the safest possible option. In this case, safest possible option is 1 sim. There's no accident in simming once by muscle-memory clicking. Yeah it'll be frustrating that you have to do it again and…
  • Do you have a link to your profile on We could give better advice after seeing what you have.

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