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  • He was one of my initial characters and he helped me a lot in arena at first. But as you start getting 6-7 stars heroes he becomes useless unless you can star him up. So I think you shouldn't put much effort in him.
  • I farmed him at 6* instead of GS (sigh) and then stopped to get Dooku. I won't farm him any more in cantina, but I do the hard node to get a shard or two sometimes. 35/100 for now, it will be a while to 7*, but since i don't use him in arena it's f…
  • I see, I'll go for Datcha and Jawa after GS, hoping for some new jawas synergies in the future. About your team: -I have IG-86 at 7* as well, but I don't like him that much, also droids seem to be running out of favor. But he works nicely with P…
  • I would go phasma, as I think her slow goes well with Jawa's attack and TM gain really comes in handy; the only problem is that it can interfere with poggle's farming in the GW. Alternatively, Sid could also be good, or Dooku if you have him. I w…
  • Definitely get Dooku, he's awesome right now and will probably always be at least decent, so you can't go wrong I'm going for GS soldier (currently only at 4 stars), how do you like him? should I commit to him? I'm not too convinced, as I'd like…

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