Where'd My Post Go?

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UPDATE 9/8- A new secton of the forums has been made!

Guild and Player Events

This section carries multiple smaller categories that'll allow more streamlined discussion of Player and Guild events, so if you don't see your Territory Battle topic in General, don't fret! More than likely its been moved to this brand spanking new area. Cheers!

Seeing some increased activity in General lately? Wondering where your carefully crafted post fluttered off to? Rest assured it has not been deleted, but nudged to the proper category! Not only has the Forum gotten busier with the addition of new Mods (See the Mod listing HERE), but they are hard at work!

Moving forward, we hope General stays Generally on topic with current events,and featured content that will be moved to their proper categories later, but in addition work is being done to ensure the entire forums receive the proper engagement in order to filter feedback.

Where'd my Bug Report go?
Bugs and Issues has moved!
To report your bugs and issues to us, please do not post them on this forum. Please visit Answers HQ and fill out the required fields to better detail and report your findings to our team.

Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
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