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CLOSED: Download no longer available

Hello Holotable Heroes!

Thanks to all of your efforts, we have hit our capacity for this Beta. We will keep you informed about the Territory Wars update in the future.



Hello Holotable Heroes!

We are pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to participate in a beta for the upcoming Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes feature, Territory Wars. The beta will feature a Territory War starting on Tuesday, November 14 at 10am PT and will run for four days and will be limited to 10,000 players total on first come, first served basis.
The goal for the beta is to allow our players a chance to get an early look at Territory Wars, and the ability to provide us valuable insights and feedback.
Players interested in helping us test Territory Wars can follow the instructions below. A few details before you get started:
  • The Territory Wars beta will only be available for players on Android devices. As always we encourage Android users to associate their Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes account with a Google Play Games account.
  • You will need to import your current account for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.
  • To take part in Territory Wars you must be Level 65+.
  • If you are not Level 65, you can still download the beta, however you will not be able to access Territory Wars or any other features you haven’t unlocked in-game.
  • You will need to join with your existing Guild or join another Guild to participate
  • Territory Wars is still in development, so you may experience issues and bugs while playing. We are primarily looking at the results of the stress test on our matchmaking feature and server environments, however if you come across any other egregious bugs in the beta, please feel free to report them on our forums.
  • If issues become prohibitive to play, we will take the beta server down and address them. We will keep you posted as the Beta progresses. Any non-prohibitive issues, bugs, or feedback should be provided in the forum SWGOH-BETA Territory Wars Discussion.
  • If you encounter any issues with your live account or in the live game, please report them to EA Help via the in-game Settings menu once you’ve reinstalled the game from the Google Play store.
Nothing in the beta environment is ever considered final – so all numbers, text, art, rewards, and details are subject to change before the feature goes live.
Once we’ve hit 10,000 players in the beta the link will be removed and we will no longer accept any more players. Get in early and tell your friends!
SCOPE: For details on the Territory Wars feature, please go here:


  1. Install the Beta build using HockeyApp:
  2. Play as Guest: If prompted, choose Play as Guest.
    1. DO NOT Sign into Google Play on the Beta Build.
      1. If you attempt to sign into a Google Play account on the Beta Build, you will get a system error. Just exit out of the prompt, then choose ‘Play as Guest’.
  3. Once you’re inside the game, you’ll notice that we’ve added a new button to import your production account. Press the Import Account button.
    1. NOTE: Import button only copies your main game account to the Beta Server. It will NOT affect your main game AT ALL.
  4. Please enter your main account’s ally code. Regarding Import button:
    1. DO NOT import accounts other than YOURS.
      1. BETA Players who import accounts OTHER than their Main accounts will be removed from Beta Program.
    1. DO NOT ‘Re-Import’ your account.
      1. If you ‘Re-Import’ your account, you run the risk of orphaning your account in the test guild, and won’t be able to participate.
  5. Join or create a Guild
  6. Join the active Territory War. There are 2 scheduled Territory Wars. Players must join the Territory War in the first 24 hours of the event to participate.
    1. TW 1: Tue, Nov 14 (10am PST) - Fri, Nov 17 (10am PST)
    2. TW 2: Fri, Nov 17 (10am PST) - Mon, Nov 20 (10am PST)
SWGOH-BETA: Territory Wars Build download link:

SWGOH-BETA: Territory Wars build will be closed and no longer accessible after the Beta Test period is completed. You can delete the application from your phone.

NOTE: Asset download speed. Players outside of United States or not using Wifi may rarely experience server drops. You will simply need to restart and continue the download. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Development Manager for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
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    REMINDER: The SECOND Beta Territory War for you all to participate in starts Saturday 11/18!

    2nd Beta Territory War:
    GUILD LOCKS: 10AM PST Saturday 11/18

    You CAN change guilds between now and then.
    Make sure you join in as soon as it is visible.


    Development Manager for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
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    Hello Holotable Heroes!

    Thanks to all of your efforts! We have closed this Beta. We will keep you informed about any future Betas.

    We appreciate all your help and support!


    Development Manager for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
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