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Welcome to General Jayne's Field Guide to raiding in guilds! This post isn't for strategy, what teams to use, or anything like that. I'm here to talk about etiquette and protocol.


Seriously though, guilds are a big feature in Galaxy Of Heroes, and we want you to be successful in finding the right guild and working well with your guild.

What are some standard rules that a guild will implement that you should be aware of?
  1. The main one is the "no-hit" 24 hour period. Most guilds will implement a rule that for the first 24 hours after raid is launched you're not allowed to post a score. This allows everybody to post a "0" so when the raid is defeated, if you aren't around to fight, you still get on the leaderboard to ensure you get raid rewards.

  1. What exactly is "posting a 0"? Posting a 0 is going in for an attack and getting defeated without doing any damage to the main boss, which gives you a score of 0, so you count as participating. The way to post a 0 is to go in with just one weak toon (the standard nickname for a character) (depending on your roster i'll be that level 1 character you never bothered leveling or other not strong toon that you don't want to use in your actual raid team). The first time you attempt to enter the battle with one toon, you'll get a warning message telling you you're attempting to battle with less than a full squad. You'll then try again to enter the battle, and it will start without the warning message. If your toon gets a turn before they're defeated, then attack one of the side characters. Any damage you deal to them will not count towards your score.

  1. Safely practice test runs. Do you have a cool team idea you want to try out before it's time to do the actual raid? There's a way to safely try them out without posting a score and making things a mess for the rest of the guild.
  2. How do you safely do a test run? During the standard 24-hr no damage period, go to your phone's settings and turn on Airplane Mode. This stops data connection and won't tell the main server what you do in your game. Do your test run, and when it looks like you're about to die, retreat from the battle. This is done via the menu when you click on the gear icon in the top left corner of the screen. Please do not confuse that with the "escape" special ability each character gets during the encounter. If for some reason all your toons are defeated, you'll need to force quit the game and restart the app. This is where airplane mode comes in handy. If you don't have airplane mode on, as soon as you're defeated, your score posts.

  1. Part of being a guild is working together to play the various game modes as a team. The in-game chat is nice, but there is only so much you can accomplish with that feature. Most guilds use a third party app, such as, but not limited to, Line, Discord, and Slack. Each guild has their own way of communication, so making sure you're comfortable with whatever app they use is important when finding the guild that's right for you. Most guilds use the apps to post raiding schedules, strategies for Territory Battles and Wars, and sharing arena and other teams. It's important to all be on the same page and work together. After all, being in a guild is about building camaraderie and having fun with your friends, whether they be real life friends, or game friends.

  1. Eventually, you'll likely get to the point where your entire guild can each solo the rancor (and quite possibly the tank). When a bunch of people have the same score, your ranking is determined randomly. Up to that point, there will be some members further along than others. It's important to understand what the rules are for your guild. Some guilds try to have members that have the reward characters fully starred to get lower scores so others can get the shards faster. Some like to do anything goes. Some like to have people that can solo certain phases as you're still getting strong as a guild get the privilege of getting the high score. It's important to find out what the rules are, and stick to them.
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