Sith Fighter and Ship Marquee Bundle Changes

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Hi Holotable Heroes,
In this interview with Star you may have seen some hints at a brand new ship coming soon, the Sith Fighter! We will have more details about the kit in the coming days, and it will be a regular Marquee style event, but we wanted to let you know that with it we will be introducing a new kind of Marquee Bundle. Per the Character and Event Cadence, we wanted to give you a two week notice of the change and explain why the Sith Fighter will have a special Marquee Bundle!

Our goal is to ensure players who purchase this bundle also have the pilot to unlock the ship immediately. Basically, we don’t want players to buy a ship and then not be able to use it until grinding further.

How does a Ship Marquee Bundle differ from a regular Character Marquee Bundle? Ship Marquee bundles in general will include the required pilot or pilots needed to unlock the ship. The price of the bundle will be based on the number of crew members required to unlock that ship and rarity (# of stars) of those crew members are unlock at.
Ship Marquee bundles are something we are experimenting with and may change in the future.

Sith Fighter Marquee Bundle:
Ship Materials
  • 30x Sith Fighter Blueprints
  • 25x Ship Ability Material MK1
  • 25x Ship Ability Material MK2
  • 10x Ship Ability Material MK3
  • 8x Ship Ability Material Omega
  • 25x Reinforcement Material
  • 100,000x Ship Building Material
  • 10x Enhancement Droid Tier 4

Crew Materials
  • 50x Sith Assassin Shards
  • 36x Ability Material MK1
  • 27x Ability Material MK2
  • 12x Ability Material MK3
  • 5x Ability Material Omega
  • Gear to Tier 5
  • 320,000x Credits
  • 15x Training Droids Tier 4

So stay tuned for more news on the Sith Fighter and more KOTOR!

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