Looking for 3 for our HSTR guilds!

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Glory or Dèath Squad (GODS) is looking for 3 to join and replace 3 slacking players I removed. We farm HPIT, HAAT, HSTR on the regular. We have a sister guild that is training guild at 80 mil GP. GODS is looking for level 85s that are HSTR ready and wants to score high in the raids.

GODS GP 140 mil
Requirements: level 85 HSTR ready. 2 mil GP

Our discord server: https://discord.gg/u7HqYW6
Hop in and say you're a recruit and post Swgoh.gg info.

Empire of Degeneates rules:

* Discord a must

* swgoh.gg account a must

* Be an active member

* Accumulate 600 raid tickets daily. Tell an officer if stuff comes up and you can't.

* Participate in all TW/TB/Raids

* GODS Rancor Pit Raid – Starts at 1:00PM CST
* GODS HAAT Raid – Starts at 2:00PM CST
* GODS Heroic Sith Raid – Starts at 12:00PM CST
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