Looking for 1 for our HSTR guilds!

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Guild of Degenerate Skum (GODS) is looking for 1 to join and swap out low activity player. We farm HPIT, HAAT, HSTR on the regular. We have a sister guild that is also doing HSTR at 140 mil GP. GODS is looking for level 85s that are HSTR ready.

GODS GP 115 mil
Requirements: level 85 HSTR ready

Our discord server: https://discord.gg/ds9zPMp
Hop in and say you're a recruit and post Swgoh.gg info.

Empire of Degeneates rules:

* Discord a must

* swgoh.gg account a must

* Be an active member

* Accumulate 600 raid tickets daily. Tell an officer if stuff comes up and you can't.

* Participate in all TW/TB/Raids

* GODS Rancor Pit Raid – Starts at 1:00PM CST
* GODS HAAT Raid – Starts at 2:00PM CST
* GODS Heroic Sith Raid – Starts at 12:00PM CST
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