German guild: 501st German division is looking for you! 1 open slot AFTER TB! 140M+ guild

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We are looking for new recruits to join or ranks! We are looking for someone to join us right after the current TB ends.

What are our next goals?
We try to maximize the results in both TBs and, of course, we try to win all future TWs.

What do we offer:
  • HSITH on farm! Usually in under 3hours.
  • Active and nice community. Lots of farming tips and GA talk.
  • HAAT and HPit also on farm.
  • A well structured TW and TB.
  • TB DS 43 stars, TB LS 41 stars.
  • Cold beer
  • Many donations as long as you dont request stun guns. No one has spare stun guns! ;-)

What are we looking for:
  • Motivated and nice players. Your aim is 600 tickets per day
  • A well organized rooster. Ideally you have good teams for TW.
  • Being able to read and follow basic instructions for TW, TB, Raid
  • Preferable you understand or speak german
  • Discord is a must

For the fastest response, add me on discord Morti#2707


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