Renegades4Christ, Heroic Pit, AAT, Tiers 4-5 Sith Raid. No 600 ticket rule. Relaxed.

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Are you looking for family friendly guild?
Renegades4Christ is that and much more. We are a tightly knit group of people who enjoy Christian fellowship while enjoying the game at the same time. No foul language is allowed here, and no bullying is permitted. The main chat area is a place of helpful players who can answer any questions you have, while encouraging you on the way!
We run Heroic Pit, AAT, and T5 of the sith raid.
We all do our part to complete what needs to be done in the guild.
We don’t have strict rules. No 600 daily tickets required. No stress. No feeling like you don’t fit in. If you want all of that, why don’t you go ahead a DM in the forums, and send a message telling me you want to join. You won’t regret it!

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