191M |22* Geo | 9pm est Raids | Honey Badgers needs 1

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-Only 1 spot available!
-191M GP
-All heroic raids on farm
-9pm Est Heroic raid times, w/ 24hr join period. Raids are free for all
-22* Geo TB (should be 23 with a full guild)
-69-18 TW record. Get your Zeta's!!

-3.5M+ GP ( we're a little flexible on this)
-use discord & be registered on swgoh.gg
-600 daily tickets
-contribute in all aspects of the game
-farming necessary Geo and Clone characters
We've been a guild since day one launch. We've made it this far, help us keep it going.
Have fun, get rewards
Reply to this post or contact Arden Pulsar#3403 on discord
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