Developer Insights: General Hux

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

This week I discuss the future of the First Order with CG_Miller and what role General Hux plays in reinvigorating this squad. What advantages can this ruthless military officer bring to the table? Read on to find out!


Q: Who is this General Hux guy?
  • CG_M: General Armitage Hux is a General of the First Order, a part of First Order High Command, and reports directly to Supreme Leader Snoke. He pretty much acts like the second-in-command even with Kylo Ren constantly berating him. We’ve seen him as a merciless general in the Force Awakens that gives an intense speech before firing Starkiller Base and wiping out the seat of government of the New Republic. In The Last Jedi he attempts to seize control of the First Order when Supreme Leader Snoke is found dead, but Kylo Ren ensures that Hux’s ambitions are kept in check.

Q: Why did we bring this character to the holotables now?
  • CG_M: The reason, of course, revolves around the release of The Rise of Skywalker as well as what areas we wanted to improve in a First Order squad. After taking a look at what was currently in the game, there’s a large leadership vacuum for this squad, so it felt like the right time for a new commander of the First Order Faction. I also realized this kit needed to bring the rest of the First Order kits up to speed since many were designed near the start of the game.

Q: Where did you get inspiration for the kit?
  • CG_M: The Force Awakens is primarily where we drew ideas from for his kit. General Hux is portrayed as a ruthless leader that brutally asserts his dominance over the Resistance. I think I drew much of his character from his speech on Starkiller Base, which sets the stage for the rest of the sequel trilogy. He inspires First Order allies to fight harder while simultaneously striking fear in the heart of the Resistance. I wanted to reflect that in the game with skills that encourage your First Order squad and maintain Advantage throughout the battle.

Q: What makes him unique?
  • CG_M: The most unique part of his kit is a new mechanic called Dominance. This stops enemies from counterattacking and gives First Order allies +100% counter chance and +50% Critical Damage. Dominance expires at the end of any turn in which General Hux is critically hit, but Hux will always regain Dominance at the start of his turn if he didn’t have it already.

    General Hux is an incredibly high-value target for the enemy team as he calls all First Order allies to assist and strengthens his whole team. He is a great support and utility character for a First Order squad but he’s not as offensive as the other new character we’re adding to the game, Sith Trooper

Q: What is your strategy in battle?
  • CG_M: Just like the rest of the First Order, General Hux synergizes heavily with Advantage. Almost all of his abilities are modified by this buff and it enables him to call all his First Order allies to assist, cleanse buffs from the enemy, or even reset allies’ cooldowns, all while easily maintaining Advantage throughout the battle. He also provides all First Order allies a much needed boost to damage when using their basic attacks.

    The combination of extra damage, high counter chance, and decent Critical Damage really makes this squad hard to stop but you do need to be careful not to let General Hux get defeated early. His Special 2 allows you reset cooldowns which is a very powerful tool which could turn the tide of battle depending on who you target and when.

    General Hux plays similar to character like Grand Admiral Thrawn, if less direct in his methods. You want Hux manipulating the battlefield to keep the advantage on your side while controlling the enemy squad. I think there's a ton of space for theorycrafting despite his less complex kit.

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