[165mil GP] TakeitSlow looking for 1 more active player to join. 1.5mil GP+

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Hello! We have 1 spot we wanna fill with more active people.

- TakeitSlow
- 165mil GP
- https://discord.gg/j7T5TmA
- We complete all raids heroic with 24hr join periods. PIT is simmed. Sith launches at 6pm EST. HAAT launches at 9pm EST. Although they don't last long.
-Territory Wars have been going very well (GL Rey is a monster). TB is focused on DS Geo and Hoth with the occasional swap (4:1)
- Active! Consistent participation; 600 raid tickets, Tbs, Tw. The odd miss is okay, just a note in the afk discord channel but we expect you to be present.
- Atleast 2mil GP! The more the better obviously but we aren't afraid to spend time with someone.
- Discord

Lastly, we are here to have fun! No tightwads or prima Madonna's. We are a fun bunch that have been around for a while.

I can be found at 962 837 698 if you wanna chat or discord!
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