Active guild looking for new members.

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Looking for Four.

Guild Name: Time for Plan B
Guild/raid reset times are 7:30pm EST
Guild GP: 204 million
Very competitive in TW
Concentrating on Geo Territory Battles
1. DS 27 stars
2. 32 WAT shards and growing
3. LS 12 stars

We SIM the Pit raid, and the other Heroic raids are FREE-FOR-ALL after a 24 hour sign up.
We use discord for better communication and camaraderie.

What we're looking for in a new member.
1. 3 million GP
2. Active DAILY
3. MUST join our discord
4. Has a Geo Brood Alpha, and Malak
5. Very active in Territory Battles and Wars

Any questions contact me
Ally Code 231 399 339
Discord Scruffy#2632
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