Looking for a guild to join after TW?

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298th Tie Squadron is recruiting! Casual guild with a competitive edge.

We’re a casual guild with focused no goals, active leadership, and we’re flexible with our requirements - we get that real life comes first. We're looking to find active players who engage with their guild-mates, participate in guild activities, and work towards improving their roster to help the guild as a whole plus chat everything Star Wars! We also want you to have fun with it - if you want to 7* R7 CUP, we'll support you in your endeavors 😁

Our Requirements
- Respect your guild mates
- 2.5mil GP minimum (or less if your roster is focused)
- Full participation in guild activities
- Complete your dailies
- Communication if you'll be away from the game for more than a few days
- And have fun! This is a game after all
What we can offer you is 20* in DS geo and 10* in LS collecting both wat and Kam shards. We rotate hoth every 4th TB for those after Jedi Luke and the achievement. We have a great group of knowledgeable and fun players too.

TW is a 50% win rate but fight hard every time.

All raids have a 24hr join period before a free for all run with rancor simmed

PM me if you're interested, we currently have a few spots open. All are welcomed no matter where in the world you are. Currently sitting at 200mil GP

ally code:266941457
discord: marshallism#6043

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