160m GP main guild: UK/EU, 8/19* GeoTB, Full Heroic Raids, 85%+ TW Wins, Learn Then Move On Alliance

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**Looking for active players of any GP: 2m+ to join our main guild, no requirements for training guild**

Learn Then Move On was founded by @HelloThere three years ago as a guild for new players to get detailed help and support for any aspect of the game. During the first year, many of us graduated to bigger guilds only to return for the atmosphere and to give back to the community that gave us a deep appreciation for this game and its complexity. The “move on” part became very much optional.

Hello and the officer corps have produced thousands of words, images and diagrams explaining every aspect of the game for guild members on our discord server. We also have lively chat channels offering bespoke roster and tactical device as well as friendly banter. It pays, we punch well above our weight in all game modes.

As we’ve grown, we’ve instituted a minimum GP requirement for our main guild so we can keep making progress and brought a newer guild Misfits and Scoundrels in to form an alliance, so we can carry on doing the thing we enjoy – helping new players. Two of our experienced officers have left the main guild to work with players in MaS (and solo Rancor heroic raid to get new players Han shards etc) and we anticipate player movement between the two guilds to help progress individual and guild progress to be common.

Specifics of the two guilds are below.

We are also interested in possible mergers where a few players would join the main guild and others join the training guild - probably to a maximum of 12.

Learn Then Move On

GP ~160m
  • 24 hour join period on raids 7.30pm UK Time (UTC +1) – all heroic
  • 19 Stars DS Geo/8 LS Geo (occasional Hoth 42 stars LS, 44 stars DS – we vote on cycle)
  • 85% win rate in TW
  • No compulsory farms

To join:
  • Active on Discord
  • Roughly 2m GP min (we’re flexible depending on roster)
  • Participate in TW/TB
  • 4 spaces currently available

Misfits and Scoundrels is our training guild with 61m GP and space for around 5 players. This has very relaxed rules and is a supportive environment for people to develop their roster.

For more info contact @Leath, @Mikebruce1310_ or @Potters on the forums and we'll set up a discord chat with an officer.
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