One Opening [31 DS Geo / 21 LS Geo]

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LeadersThatDontLeave will be 306M GP with one opening.


5.8M+ GP
TB-focused roster that can get a Wat & KAM shard
1+ Galactic Legend toons
600 raid tickets/day
Active discord
SWGOH.GG profile

Guild reset time is 7:30pm Eastern.

31 :star: in DS Geo TB
21 :star: in LS Geo TB

Challenge rancor on farm starting at 8:00pm Eastern.

HSTR alternates between 1:00pm and 8:00pm Eastern; solos need to wait 45 minutes before completing the run.

If we sound like a good fit and you would like to learn more about us, come chat with us on Discord
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