The Sarlacc Pit Rejects (250+ mil GP) have 1 open spot.

The Sarlacc Pit Rejects (253m-ish) have room for 1! Join us for Tom Foolery and Shenanigans!

We would love to have you join! Too much fun is had on discord daily!

We have Crancor on farm!

All three heroic raids w/24 join - Pit/Tank (simmed), Sith FFA

DS Geo - 28 (around 38+-ish Wat Shards)
LS Geo - 13 (4-5 KAM, more should be coming)

Looking for active players that love to chat - we use discord, sign up and participate in TWs and do their best in TBs regardless of team rosters. Would prefer around 3.5 million+ GP and a GL or working towards one but that isn't a deal breaker. We are mostly based in US/Canada.

Our current guild focus is LS TB!
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