Come join a 360+ million GP guild and remember why SWGOH can be FUN!

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Looking for a fun, community-oriented guild? Tired of SWGOH feeling like a chore? Wanting to join a guild preparing for the new raid? Then come join Wookie Insights!

We take this game seriously and are competitive in TW, but we also like to have fun and don't want to make this game feel like a hassle. If you're looking for a long-term join and want a competitive but friendly guild, we're the perfect fit for you!

We have ONE spot open!

What We Offer You
💥 360+ million GP when full
💥 21⭐ in ROTE TB
💥 2 Reva shards
💥 Over 140 GLs as a guild, 41 Executors, 8 Profundity
💥 Earn R9 in TW
💥 Fun, very active community (been together 3+ years)
💥 Independent guild, no big alliance oversight
💥 We have HotUtils enabled
💥 Discord:
💥 More info:

What We are Looking For
🔷 ACTIVE player who will earn at least 400 tickets a day and participate in all TWs and TBs (illness/family issues are obviously exceptions)
🔷 Must use Discord
🔷 Minimum of 7 million GP preferred
🔷 At least 3 GL on roster is preferred, but will accept if you have 2 GL as long as one is JMK, Jabba, or SLKR and if you have an Executor (5 star or better) or Profundity
🔷 Good attitude and team-oriented

Come join a friendly and competitive guild today to remember why SWGOH is fun! Join Wookie Insights!

Message me on Discord for more details! My username is nosecomplaint#1359
NoseComplaint, Wookie Insights Leader
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