SIGM∆ DELT∆ 500M+ GP, 36⭐ROTE, 36 Reva, Zeffo ready, 350m+SBR, 75% TW. Member of THE SIGM∆ ALLIANCE.

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Join SIGM∆ DELT∆ - 500m+ GP - Sigma Alliance Member

THE SIGM∆ ALLIANCE is a 15 Guild Alliance.
DELT∆ is a 500+ million GP HIGHLY competitive TW-focused guild that looks out for one another and motivates each other to develop rosters.
We are looking for players with 9M+ GP, a PvP-capable roster, 4+ GLs, one or more GL-Tier Capital ships, Zeffo Ready and who hate to lose! With unmatched leadership, planning, strategic analysis we have many resources available to get the most out of our roster.

What we offer:
  • 36* ROTE (on a path to 37)
  • 405m+ SBR Raid
  • High TW Winrate >75%
  • Pushing hard towards Reva (36 Shards)
  • 35 Zeffo ready, unlocking soon!
  • Dedicated, helpful & organized leadership
  • Roster Development and coaching available

What we are looking for:
  • Active players
  • 9+ GP
  • 6m SBR Damage
  • Mandatory participation in TB (with operations)
  • Grand Inquisitor mandatory farm (Reva ready)
  • Zeffo Ready
  • Working towards the upcoming raid
  • TW is mandatory to participate on both sides
  • Meta TW omicrons
  • Discord account is mandatory (for guild event coordination)
  • 600 tickets a day. Ticket reminders are sent via discord (Hotbot)

Stop by the dropzone in discord, and fill out the player survey and request to be sorted into a guild today!


Discord Contact: mekerakesh
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