Arena Issue

Not sure 100% that this is a bug per say but it is still an issue that might need to be address.

Tonight when I was attacking in arena I was attacking near the end of payout to hold rank. I was first place when I selected the team I wanted to face (3rd) then hit battle. Once the battle ended instead of being first place it said I was 5th place? Since there was no time left before payout I could not attack back to first. Not sure 100% how this happened but my guess is the match someone was opposing me must have posted the split second between me selecting the team I wanted to face and when I hit battle. Since there was still 5 min left I had plenty of time to beat the team in first however since I was in a battle assuming that I was in first and will be til payout I had no clue that my rank had changed. This needs to be addressed so that when I select a team to battle and hit battle if my rank has changed that I am notified that my rank has changed. I have seen that before but usually I cannot battle the team I attacked because there rank is further ahead than I can battle but nothing was displayed this time. Please look into this.

I have expressed my opinion on why the set time is bad that can be seen here but this is just another issue why: Arena Payout

I submitted a ticket as well: #29268258



  • this happens from time to time. no easy way to fix it since, in programers terms, its a race condition issue except it is in player behavior and not the code. It is super rare but it happens to all us clock blockers at one point or another.
  • I don't know if I would say it's player behavior that causes this. The payout structure forces this behavior and needs to be addressed.

    Also could have a pop-up or something if your rank changed in last few seconds. Usually I had a warning if my rank changed.

    It's quite frustrating when you enter a battle then when it's over you are suddenly a lower rank and it's not even the person you were battling.
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    It does tell you if your rank's changed at lower levels where it changes your potential matches, and then you are forced to refresh. But there are a lot of things I don't like about the way it refreshes. Why wait until I get past the squad screen and select "Battle" to tell me my opponent's already engaged?
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    I think that if the devs changed the arena system so you can change your payout time or, much better, get the price after your 5 battles (with an option to extend for crystals), QoL will improve and there will be not so much bad blood among players.

    I'm commuting from work on my arena payout time and just getting home on my fleet payout, with just 10 minutes to snipe for the top5, and most days I'm being attacked at the time.

    The current system is not fair because not everyone knew about changing the timezone before starting playing, and I don't like the idea of having a second account after the investment done in my first one.

    Also, I don't think it's good to pit players against each other as they are doing, because I'm a loving and cooperative player and I don't like to feel hate against other players because they hit me when I'm unable to defend myself. I don't like to have those bad feelings.

    If they have the current system to encourage spending, I don't think it's going to benefit them in the long run, because when things like that keep happenning, people burn out. I'm already on the verge of quitting just for that. Why I should keep spending on that game if anyone can snipe me just 4 minutes before payout?

    And please, don't tell me that they are not going to change that because people will win more crystals and they'll send less, because that is not true. Players are going to keep spending on the game the same amount they usually spend, regardless of having a couple hundreds more crystals each day. They may open a couple more chromiums or buy a mod or some gear with the extra crystals, but with so much RNG involved on this game there is no so much difference.
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