Beckett Kit Idea

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Tobias Beckett (Light Side, Scoundrel, Support)

RSKF-44 Blaster(Basic):
Deal Physical damage to target enemy with 20% chance to grant 25% TM to random ally.
Prepared: if Beckett is Prepared, all Prepared allies gain 10% additional TM. Beckett loses Prepared

Crew Gathering(Special):
Beckett grants ally with highest health and protection taunt for 1 turn. Beckett heals ally with lowest health by 20% of that allies current health. Allies with debuffs lose one debuff. Allies with no debuffs gain Prepared.(Cooldown:4)

Veteran Advice(Special):
Give random ally that doesn't have Prepared the Prepared buff and call them to assist. If all allies have,Prepared call all to assist. All lose Prepared. (Cooldown:5)

Miscalculated Plan(Leader):
Grant all Scoundrel allies Prepared and 20 Speed at the start of the encounter. Zeta:When a scoundrel attack is evaded, target enemy loses 20% TM

Assume Betrayal(Unique):
When Beckett gains a buff he dispels it and gains Prepared and 10% TM.
Prepared:Becket gains 50% of current health.Beckett loses Prepared
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  • I think that sounds really good, pretty well balanced and has a lot of basis on his portrayal, nice kit theory :)
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    Sorry @Kyno i couldn't think of the right place to put it so I gave it a shot
    I am more powerful than the Chancellor- Anikan Skywalker and Tman
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