Just tried Juhani for first time...

Under jedi knight revan. Her move that has a stun that cant be evaded didnt work on gen kenobi (he didnt get stunned), and i swear at one point i did a move with GMY and it staggered the opposing jolee, i swear i didnt imagine that. What just happened? Lol


  • Kyno
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    Evasion and resisting are 2 different things.

    An attack can hit (cant be evaded), but the debuff may not stick (resisted)
  • Well it does say, stun the target for 1 turn, which cant be evaded
  • Seems to imply the stun cant be evaded
  • Can't be evaded, but can be resisted. Raid bosses resist but don't evade
  • Kyno
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    There are a few checks for how an ability works:
    - does it hit? (Cannot be evaded applies here)
    - does it produce the effect? (This is the %stated in the ability, no % means 100%)
    - potency/tenacity check (cannot be resisted applies here)
    Evasion and resisted have very specific places they stand in the series of checks.

    Unfortunately that is just poorly worded.
  • CHFC22
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    The stagger is her 2nd special, when she's stealthed at time of using
  • Bill0207
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    I'll be gearing up the second batch of kotor characters for Darth revan here soon and I figured kill 2 birds with 1 stone and I'll have an extra jedi for my bastila team for tw/ga seeing how I'll be getting jedi revan this time around. Gonna still make the best out of my bastila zeta
  • It’s just a poor description of what the ability is. Can’t be evaded means it just gets resisted when you’re using it. Can’t be evaded when AI is using it means it can’t be evaded or resisted.
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