Just tried Juhani for first time...

Under jedi knight revan. Her move that has a stun that cant be evaded didnt work on gen kenobi (he didnt get stunned), and i swear at one point i did a move with GMY and it staggered the opposing jolee, i swear i didnt imagine that. What just happened? Lol


  • Kyno
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    Evasion and resisting are 2 different things.

    An attack can hit (cant be evaded), but the debuff may not stick (resisted)
  • Well it does say, stun the target for 1 turn, which cant be evaded
  • Seems to imply the stun cant be evaded
  • Can't be evaded, but can be resisted. Raid bosses resist but don't evade
  • Kyno
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    There are a few checks for how an ability works:
    - does it hit? (Cannot be evaded applies here)
    - does it produce the effect? (This is the %stated in the ability, no % means 100%)
    - potency/tenacity check (cannot be resisted applies here)
    Evasion and resisted have very specific places they stand in the series of checks.

    Unfortunately that is just poorly worded.
  • CHFC22
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    The stagger is her 2nd special, when she's stealthed at time of using
  • Bill0207
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    I'll be gearing up the second batch of kotor characters for Darth revan here soon and I figured kill 2 birds with 1 stone and I'll have an extra jedi for my bastila team for tw/ga seeing how I'll be getting jedi revan this time around. Gonna still make the best out of my bastila zeta
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