At a Standstill

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I have JKR but I'm stuck. I want to farm NS & (BH for Chewie) but I should also work on DR and Malak. What should I do


  • NS have been relevant since they have been introduced, while whatever meta comes next is going to stomp on DR. I would go with NS and get a good raid team out of it.
  • I completely disagree with Droideka. Get DR and Malak and you are at meta. Do all of that well and you will be top arena.

    The only thing I can say about not having a solid NS team is that they may make them mandatory for something in the future
  • Huatimus
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    I'd probably go for Chewie if I were you because the Mil.F can help you get 1st in Fleet which is 400 crystals income daily. If you were already first in Fleet daily, then probably Malak.
  • Blackbeardpepe
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    At least farm carth from fleet. Nightsisters, bounty hunters, Darth revan, whatever - can be farmed, while you're doing carth from fleet.
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