Ally Tokens question?

So the description for ally tokens is "use ally points to open bronzium data cards in the store and to get items in weekly shipments". I have made it to level 77 with 250K ally points and have been saving them up, expecting a tab in shipments to appear with ally tokens as the currency, but still the only place in the game that I have seen to spend the dang things is the bronzium data packs. Is there another place to spend them that I haven't unlocked yet? If not, are there plans for it? considering it takes about 40 years to open up each pack individually, I'd rather save them to spend in bulk if I only have to wait a little longer for it.


  • you might need to be lvl 85 to use them in weekly shipment
    I don't think they are good value there though.
  • The use of ally points is a rip off in the Weekly Shipments at level 85
  • not sure if there is a level requirement or not but yes in the store there is a weekly shipments where you can buy 1 item per week (not including refreshes) withally points. if you scroll across all the stores you should see one with a crystal image. thats weekly shipments. if you dont see it i guess there is a level 85 requirement
  • Mine didn't open up till lvl 85 if i recall correctly
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