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Sorry if this has already been posted. I was wondering what the communities thoughts are on some of the harder hitting toons on this game. In particular I am liking Hoth Rebel Scout, Rebel Pilot, and FOTP. I am wanting to ad a hard hitter on my team that currently consists of:

Sidious Leader
Chewie which I am thinking of replacing with Poe once I get him leveled up
Add one more heavy hitter

I already have Hoth Rebel Scout, got him way early as a gift from the EA gods, and was impressed in early stages but ditched him to focus on Luke. Looking at the SWGOH character stats I was impressed to see that once leveled this dude packs a punch, plus he's available in the Cantina to farm. Only problem is he would compete with Poe and not sure which I would place priority on. First Order Tie Pilot is a favorite for many but he is not really farmable till later in the game. Rebel Pilot is listed as packing the hardest basic damage in the game. Problem with Hoth Rebel Scout is he has some pretty nice speed building abilities but they come into effect most against Empire enemies, which I don't see a ton of in Galactic War or Arena.

What do you guys think?


  • What I meant to say was Resistance Pilot not Rebel Pilot
  • take a look at ig 86 or the Tusken
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    100% best f2p hard hitter is geo soldier. My 4* geo soldier is so so so so much better than my 6* luke skywalker and also fotp isn't really farmable til higher levels
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    i have him at 4 star (got lucky with a few chromium packs), gear 8 and he's a beast.
    you need a tank because of his health at low star level but the damage is insane.
    i'm running with sid as leader, poggle and poe. he crits for ~8k on his basic attack and a 90% chance to attack again when he has advantage, which is basically all the time :smiley:
  • antooki wrote: »
    take a look at ig 86 or the Tusken

    I want to say more of them

    86: very strong. nice tanky. assist (another guaranteed hit from your allies). open his skill 6 and it's like a nuclear tank. decent speed.

    Tusken: very strong. very tanky. assist (another guaranteed hit from your allies). does not need U'RoRRoR, but in my opinion is better than UrroRRRRoorroror. Good speed.

    Both are in Galatic War Shipments. Lumi, then Poggle, then, Phasma, then 86, then Tusken, then u have some insane heroes. Please farm for these.

    In my opinion:
    Cantina shipment #1
    Galatic War Shipment #2, but close to #1.

    Arena Shipment #3, but far down as Sidious then no one else (ok, I lie, but people don't farm for Han, Nute, or Ackbar, and I view 88 as a really crappy hero.). I have HK, Han, Nute, Ackbar. but to farm? nah. not yet.

    OK. Good thread!
  • IG-86 is an interesting character that I own but haven't spent much effort to upgrade yet. The droid would match well on a team with Sidious as this droid has a 50% chance to score a critical hit and Sid ads to that chance. His special Call an Ally would be good with some other hard hitters like Lumi and Luke. However, with some extra droid allies he would be even better as there combined damage would increase by 75% and 86 gains even more critical chance and damage for each droid Ally he has. 86's shard location is in several campaign locations and galactic war shipments. I am currently using campaign levels to farm equipment and trying to acquire shards at cantina battles and shipments, arena shipments, and galactic war shipments. So he is easily acquirable but competes with Lumi in Galactic War shipments.

    I agree that Arena shipments there is a lacking of interesting characters aside from Sid, which is why he is leveling up faster than anyone else on my squad. If you wanted to go the droid route you could level up Sid and level up lumi and than go for 88 in arena and 86 in GW. 86 has potential for a pretty average amount of HP's and 88 is kind of squishy so maybe a decoy like Poe could round out the team.

    Sid Leader (Arena)
    Lumi (GW)
    Poe (Cantina)
    86 (GW)
    88 (Arena)


    Sid (Arena)
    Lumi (GW)
    Resistance Pilot (GW) Maybe preferred over 86 for turn boosting abilities but can't phone a friend
    Hoth Rebel Scout (Cantina) Also has speed boosting abilities for himself plus entire team, Crit synergies with Sid
    Luke (Cantina battles)

    The benefit to the latter team is that each character has a descent amount of health so less need for a character like Poe who I consider nearly worthless aside from his 2 turn taunt.

    Lots of combos. I think the key is to find one where each character can be farmed near simultaneously from a different location.
  • Tusken Raider is very similar to IG-86. Tusken seems to hit significantly less hard on basic attack than IG-86, 2558 vs 3478, as well as special attack 3796 vs 4635. Tusken has ability to slow opponents down significantly but 86 has high probability to critical hit, especially when paired with Sid as leader or other droid allies. Tusken may make up for not hitting so hard by having significantly greater health, roughly 16,000 vs 11,000 hp.

    Both Tusken and 86 also like to call in friends, and if that friend is an Ally there is vastly larger amount of damage dealt that almost assures your opponent will be nearly annihilated. Tusken's primary ally is Uror, that may not be his spelling but his spelling is stupid so this is what I am calling him. Uror exists mostly to help the raider hit more frequently where as IG-88 is a stand alone attacker who brings it but is a glass cannon and needs a shield like worthless Poe.

    I haven't tried out the Tuskens or come up against a team utilizing them but my initial impression is there are better options out there.
  • Tusken Raider is slow.. GS all the way
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