New squad and needs help

I'm a bit new to this game and I need some guidance on how to get the best teams possible. I am a lvl 43 and I have Qui Gon 2, JC 3, Chewie 3, Talia 4, jawa 3, Kit 3 Luke 4. I'm trying to farm for plasma, Rey and sidious. I also complete GW everyday and I spend my gems on refresh. What does everyone suggest I do? Thanks


  • I suggest drop tali. I have her at level 66 at 6* with almost max gear and she dies way too easy. By the time she gets a heal off, she's already dead. If you need a healer, focus on a jedi as they don't die as easy and don't lose life healing
  • Hmm ok, she is my highest level character right now though. Who else do you suggest
  • I just feel like I'm making some kind of mistake and I don't know what it is. I can't continue through light or dark side battles anymore cause they all kick my butt.
  • Go for Sidious and Luminara they are very important in most teams
  • Im level 67 and dont have Sidious at all. He isnt needed but I do use a full droid team with luminara and they can mow down an opposing team. You do have a decent start, but need a little more synergy. QQJ is awesome as lead, with KIT, JC and Luminara you would only need a taunter.
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  • Ya thats why I said most teams. He just helped me a lot
  • Ok cool, well I am planning on Han as my taunt character, I'm not jumping on the Poe bandwagon
  • Things have changed a bit as I'm now a 54 with QGJ 4* 7gear Sid 4* 6gear Lumi 4* 6gear Luke 4* 6gear plasma 4* 6 gear. I think that's a decent start but I dunno who to max out first. Or try to get new characters?
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