Do a gear heist event every 10 days



  • tkl
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    Mk 6 syringes and mk 3 holo projectors lol i need those.Please make gear heist a thing
  • Even if they just did a mk3 holo projectors heist I'd be happy.
  • +1000 A gear event would be awesome. It would definitely help people get the toons geared MUCH quicker. That's partly why some people quit the game. Because they find grinding gear boring. Gear you event could change that. Make it so you are guaranteed ONE of the selected full purple gear. That way you still have to grind but it's easier
  • rawman
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    MBL_66 wrote: »
    We already have gear heists, they're called raids
    True story, but still doesn't help much for certain type of gear. You could also say GW is your extra source for credits.
  • rawman wrote: »
    MBL_66 wrote: »
    We already have gear heists, they're called raids
    You could also say GW is your extra source for credits.

  • What I've suggested in the past, and will continue to advocate for, is the return of tournaments as a gear crunch relief mechanism.

    The devs have already spent time, money, and effort in creating the coding for tournaments. While they continue to review how they can improve tournaments, the best thing they can do is to use that existing coding to roll out tournaments on a regular-ish basis, with the difference being no character shards in the rewards. This would serve multiple purposes: first, it would help to whatever limited degree, with the gear crunch; second, it would provide another avenue for player engagement; third, it would allow them to test changes to tournament structures/coding/whatever to see if there is a way they could increase the level of player engagement and utilize the tournament structure for other purposes in the future.
  • Narseph
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    Just hoping around, but imo the gear we all lack most is from raid right ? Projectors, stun cuffs and guns, gels, ...
    Wouldn't it be nice if they do the same adjustment on raid rewards than on challenge rewards? The highest tiers should give rewards from the lowest tiers, or include some scarce ones from lower tiers (mk3 projectors ffs pls)

    The only thing I can't figure out is either let us choose between different rewards (like you get to chose between stun gun, cuffs and furnaces) or guaranteeing a reward from each tier and keeping the same rng based reward system
  • xpxnx
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    I love all the fan boys who use.... "well they need to make money" as a justifiable excuse. This game is full of shady tactics to get people to spend money. When they put a pack in the store costing as much as a triple A title, you really think they have problems maintaining income?

    Keep on defending them. Cuz it's not doing anything but hurting the players.
  • The problem is that the devs don't play the game, so it's really hard for them to notice things like players seriously lacking mk3 holo projectors at a high level.

    At lower levels, it was fine. But once you're past working on just one character at a time, you soon need thousands.
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