Resistance Pilot

First off I am F2P. I have played HODA for over a year and can't afford two games at once. When I picked up Resistance Pilot he(she?) was easily the heaviest hitter in my admittedly small lineup. How does he fare later on in the game, though? Or is he quickly dropped for other units?
IGN: Malmsteen's Comet


  • You can't farm shards for him/her, can you? In which case I'd say probably won't last that long.
  • You can via galactic war
  • I still rely on resistance pilot as my heavy hitter at level 45. Kinda squishy but if you can keep him alive, he can continue to do massive damage.
  • I love my resistant pilot, he is really good for galaxy wars for when I need a sub to burst down an opponents healer. He is what he is, which is good at bursting/picking off important characters that could cause you potential problems. And with guerrilla tactics he gets to attack often which is even better when you have a taunt on your team
  • He is pretty good.
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