Barris offee heal

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Fix offee she heals herself when has a heal block Jesus it's annoying
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  • Actually the heal IS technically blocked. What you're seeing is the health equilization working.
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    Barriss is far from broken, she is rarely even used outside of GW post-nerf.

    Her special is 2 parts. Health equalization and then a heal on top of it. Since the health equalization is not a heal that always goes through, but the 2nd part of her special that heals will not go through. - Gaming Guides | oTradeMark - YouTube Channel | Team iNstinct - Guild
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    The answer:
    Bariss has 2 parts to her heal. First she equalizes everyone's health.This is not considered a heal. Example if you have 2 toons. 1 at 100%, and 1 at 50% she equalizes it and both toons will now be at 75% health. Then she heals 15% of their health. If they have immunity they do not receive the 15% heal.

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    Oh ok I see and what does her being rare have anything to do with it???
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