Galaxy of cookie-cutter teams

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In general I am having a blast with this game, but there are two issues that are combining to undermine the potential for a wide variety of interesting builds.
First, packs with specific characters tempt people like me who have no interest in playing the chromium pack lottery. They lead to the same few characters being in many builds, such as Barriss at the moment. This will improve over time as more packs are released.
The second issue is more serious: the varying difficulty of ranking up characters. Some can be ranked up easily through arena or GW rewards, others require slow grinding with hard missions and others require chromium packs.
I am fine with some specialized characters being only in chromium packs for the people who want to blow crazy amounts of $ on the game. But the reason the low shard drop rate in missions is a problem is that basically it rules out using a lot of characters because they just take too long to level up.
The game will be better if people can design teams based on what they like or think will work well. Right now they have to be designed based on where the shards come from, and that will lead to cookie-cutter builds.
Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.


  • This happens in most games like this. The f2p or low paying players will use what they can get. The whales have more variety.
  • Qeltar
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    That's not the problem. The problem is that the ways of obtaining the F2P characters are imbalanced... some are easy to get and some much harder. This reduces diversity.
    It's fine if they want to make F2P grind compared to P2P but we should have more control over which chars we level up sooner rather than later. Otherwise everyone will end up with builds full of Arena and GW characters.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • I saw this problem on day 1. The game encourages similar builds because characters are generally available to everyone at the same time. Unique/good (and even some lower level) characters need to be available randomly to different people (not necessarily to everyone!).

    Perhaps I'm biased, coming from Summoners War, but that game had the unique collection aspect nailed perfectly. Even a level 2 player could get a powerful character (as rare as that was). And each character was unique between players, because the "gear" (called runes) was customizable. The gear itself was variable. Sure, there's a chance that you may never see certain characters in Summoners due to the randomness of the draw, but that's what keeps players invested and yearning for more.

    I know this is Star Wars and not Summoners War, but I really hope they implement (better!) ways for each player to make their account (and perhaps even their characters) unique.
  • It takes a long time to get characters. By the end of the month, I'll have 50 of the 65 currently on offer. One issue I see is with no name generic characters. Many are just kind of there.
  • Some of those no name generic characters are actually pretty good though, especially when you consider how easy they are to get stars. My Jedi Consular is a beast - 5* at level 47, currently higher stars than any of my other characters. Lots of people use Jawa for the same reason.
  • I used Jawa more before the global release. It's not just Sid, many of the characters have had a dampening of their AoE. You should have seen what Datcha and the Jawa could do before. I should have been more specific. Some of them like the Geonoshin soldier or coruscant police seem like duds.
  • on my server there is someone with a 7* Qui Gon... you can only get his shards from chromium cards. It must have cost a fortune to get him to 7* lol
  • woodchuck wrote: »
    on my server there is someone with a 7* Qui Gon... you can only get his shards from chromium cards. It must have cost a fortune to get him to 7* lol

    Those type of folks are who F2Ps are geared toward. Games are hardly about being any more fun than necessary to psychologically push players into spending. There is a reason EVERY F2P has the model of "play free, grind long. Pay some, grind (much) less." I don't blame the game company, as they have to make money, and they don't force anyone to do anything. They are just taking advantage of human psychology, like everyone else in the world does.
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