Poe or QGJ Post nerf.

Hey guys. I think Poe is still way too OP after the nerfs will come into play. What do u think which one is better to farm?


  • You'll have to eventually get both.
  • Triqui
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    Right now, I'd vote for QGJ for yoda's quest.
    Probably best option is to get both at 4*, then QGJ to 7*, then fill Poe
  • Agreed.
  • QGJ first.

    Dooku stuns Poe. Maybe he doesn't and in that case enemy Poe taunts. AI spreads damage. Maybe you put in tanky characters and at least 4 are still alive. Heal. QGJ on Poe. Poe no longer resists so much so one of these works. QGJ gives everyone offense up. AoE AoE AoE. Tide turns and you win. This is the present for some and future for many. Some stop hiding glass cannons behind Poe.
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