Jar Jar Binks

Ok, this is just for laughs/to fuel Jar Jar is coming rumours, but this is a Jar Jar Character Idea!
Booma Fling- Basic
Deal physical damage to random enemy and inflict Stagger on random enemy and ally
Clumsy Assist- Special C4
Deal physical damage to target and inflict Confusion for 1 turn and call a random ally to assist. The assist ping ally has a 20% chance to suffer Health down for 3 turns.
Uncanny Luck- Unique
Jar Jar has 70% Dodge Chance. Whenever an ally is defeated, Jar Jar Binks gains +5% Deflection. When Jar Jar is last standing on his team, he has 90% dodge and 50% deflection chance. When Jar Jar is defeated all enemies and allies gain Bliss for 4 turns. Allies also gain Speed Up, Evasion Up and Potency Up for rest of encounter.
Bliss- Buff
Immune to all Debuffs, Armor is doubled, heal over time effect.
1...2...3! You're dead!
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