Skytrooper Battle Droid

Here it is, the droid who has anti stealth AoE
Tank, Darkside, Droid
Flamethrower Burnout- Basic Omega
Deal physical damage to target and inflict 3 DoT effects for 2 turns. If target had a buff, hit will be a guarenteed critical hit.
Aerial Assault- Special Cooldown 4 Omega
Deal physical damage to all enemies and remove Stealth from all enemies. For each Stealth removed, deal +20% damage. If target was non droid, refresh all debuffs on them.
Eternal Empire Infantry- Unique
At the start of each turn, all droid allies gain +20% Defense. If any ally is defeated or goes below 75% Max Health, Skytrooper gains Defense Up and Taunt for 2 turns.
1...2...3! You're dead!
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