IS there any up to date farming guide for restarts?

I've been trying to find a new F2P guide that accounts for all the excess shards and what not that come from the ships update. My last account I was running completely F2P and I was top 10 (coming in first about half the time) for most of it's creation before they introduced ships and the bronzium "tournaments" which effectively killed me (I was somewhere between level 50-60). The big influx of free shards/heroes on top of the shards whales getting shore trooper at the time completely ruined that account =(. I couldn't place top 100 in arena after all that happened and I just gave up on it. I'm looking to restart but I want to try and be correctly prepared since it's been awhile since that update when I stopped playing but I haven't seen anything that really prepa

For reference, that account my first chromium started me off with lumi and I bronzium'ed biggs fairly quickly as well so it was a really great start. I know the general farming path for characters and mods but I don't know what all comes with the ships and how it will effect the early game pvp ladder. I don't care about ships at all. Just squad arena and raids. With all the newer heroes being released I think I'll be able to fill out the different teams for challenges pretty easy as well. If someone knows of anything that breaks down the ship shard correctly let me know.


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