Anyone got Chewbacca starred/geared up?

Am debating spending the energy to get Chewie, who I currently have 4*, up to max gear level (his level 7 kit is pretty demanding) and then maybe start farming shards through Cantina.

I know he's not terribly popular though. Has anyone got him up to a really high level? Does his HP/toughness scale appropriately? He seems like his taunt would make him an asset on Arena defensive, as long as he had enough speed to get it off and enough health to survive a turn of attacks.


  • I've pretty much committed to using him for now, but i'm only at 40. But again, i'm a non-paying player so it might take some time for me to get any better options up to speed. so i've been upgrading his gear and abilities as fast as possible. The Defiant Roar really helps if i lose a healer quickly.
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    I have him 4* at level 43 with almost maxed gear for that level. I think he's extremely useful - and is kind of op at protecting squishy damage dealers in both PVE & PVP. Leveling up his skills gives him some more utility, i.e. main attack gets 25% chance to reduce enemy bar by 50%. That being said however, I think once your damage dealers/other characters get strong enough to take care of themselves, that's when he'll begin to fall off. I think this is because he neither does damage, nor heals other characters. For me right now though I still use him in every single match and he's still extremely useful.
  • IMO he's too slow to protect squishies properly.
  • I'm also a budget player who has commited to chewie. I have him at gear IV, 4* and i'm at around 25/65 shards for 5*. Really liking him and especially with the terrible luck i've had with data packs he's one of my best.
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    I guess Chewy is useful in pve campaigns and pvp before a certain lvl where everyone gets Sid. The problem after Sid's landing is that Sid acts before him. If the Sid got 3 turn heal immune, this will result in Chewy and another primary target falling in two turns.

    For example, my starting pvp is Dooku, Sid, Lumi, Talia, and Tarkin. If my opponent got Sid, I will down him first. If this did not happen before Chewy taunts me, Chewy is going to get heal immune as well, and falls within a turn.
  • I have a lvl 47 five star chewie. A couple of skillups but not maxed. The taunt is super useful, almost to the level of barriss heal. He usually doesn't even have to use his self heal.
  • He was on my team for quite a while, but has now been replaced with 4 star Lum for extra healer on defence/better attack :smile:
  • Agree. I'm about to get Lum and already forsee myself swapping Chewy for her. He just doesn't have enough of either tankiness/utility/damage to justify a spot.
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