Tarkin tier4 ONLY 5 dark side ships needed (before zeta)

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Dont wast credits - 5 dark side ships are enough. If you have done it with only 5 ships, please post it too.

Ship - Crew
Slave I 5* 78 - 7* gs8 83
GS 5* 78 - 4* gs8 70
SF 5* 78 - 4* gs8 70
TIE 4* 73 - 3* gs7 60
FO TIE 4* 60 - 1* gs6 60
Executix 4* 40 - 5* gs8 75

Slave, GS, SF and Executix can be reused in zeta (good investment and enough to get thru zeta, too)
FO TIE (worst/less investment)

Do not let the falcon get stacked up, GS does tm remove.

Changed: Title to clear it up

Update: 11 Mai (1 month and 2 days) later first zeta.
23 July (2 month and 14 days) second zeta.
17 August (25days, but 20%(4) are from event) third zeta. 25/4×5=31.25~1 month
30 Sep (1 month and 13 days) forth zeta. Did not spend the last one. 2 in reserve now.
22 Okt (23 days) fith zeta. Now 3 zeta on hold. Missing pink and omegas.
24 Nov (1m2d) sixed and seventh(2nd Bday) zeta.
31 Dez (1m7d) eighth zeta.
25 Jan (25d) ninth zeta
25 Feb (31d) 10 zeta. I have more than 60k FleetArenaCredits. I will now start to buy zeta, too.
07 Mrz (10d) 11zeta
14 Mrz (7d) 12 zeta
20 Mrz (6d) 13 zeta
03 Apr (14d) 14 zeta
18 Apr (15d) 15 zeta
19 Mai (30d) 16 zeta holding back 32k for shipupdate
02 Jun (14d=2x7d) 17 and 18zeta (spend the 32k)
16 Jun (14d) 19 zeta
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  • KeKattia
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    You do realise that you need 8 5* ships to unlock the zeta challenge at all, right?

    Also FO Tie is a fantastic ship if paired with the right team, if you get Slave one to attack a target locked ship you can potentially give FO Tie 50% TM so he goes over and over and over, extremely annoying if not dealt with properly
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    Thanks KeKattia for your info. Yes, Slave sets the lock first, if not done by TIE before, else he speeds FO TIE up. With the lock, FO TIE special has 0 cooldown.
    It is properly a good ship and a good investment later, but was not on my top list. Are you using it in zeta and or in PvP(under which command)?
    This is ONLY for getting the 5* Executix before the 'zeta'. I changed the subject to clear it up.

    The other, light side ships to get thru zeta are 5*:
    All are 100% f2p and I just reached lvl 84. Thanks also to the ship calculator
    and gilde "Zukunft" for reading and commenting my thoughts.
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