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While I have been waiting for the free-to-farm release of Director Krennic and Deathtrooper since the day I started my account, hoping for a great farm, I am not dissapointed by the decision you guys have made in placing these Character shards. I won't be able to farm either of these characters until I am at least level 83 (DT Cantina Node), but I appreciate the honest gesture of keeping true to your cadence and allowing the opportunity to collect these heroes.

At level 72, it seems a ways off, but in the meantime I plan to continue building up my dream team of Empire toons. You have my thanks and my continued loyalty :)

I can still mop the floor with rebels any day of the week with my sub-par Empire team. So no love lost with these new rebel locations. Let them continue to farm fodder for my Vader's Culling Blade. Long live the developers!!
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    Don't get your hopes up of beating LS hard battles when you first unlock them lol. Unless your a whale or a super planned f2p, those nodes will spank you silly
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