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So...I will first say I really enjoy this game.

With that being said, I enjoy another game as well (titled along the lines of Midol Mantasy ;) ). I haven't spent money in that game..I have spent money in this game.

What I sorely miss in this game that is in the other game is the story lore of why battles happen. The Star Wars universe is huge and filled with story...surely it can be more than just PVP, collecting gear for toons and collecting characters.

Add lore to mission stories instead of monotonous battles against random toons for the sake of battles. It's boring to not have a reason to fight or to understand why a battle is happening aside from "because you need to for PVP".

Third post of mine, but first constructive idea for the game from me, thanks for reading!


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    I would agree but there is one thing different: It takes place on a holotable, not an actual planet or war zone. This could be because EA didn't want to make a story, but it is set up excellently. The goal of the game is to "Dominate the holotables".
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    Welcome to the forum.

    The "story" is you are in the Star Wars universe. In a Cantina to be exact, and have the chance to play holochess with the "Heros" that are famous throughout the Galaxy.

    That's my story and I am sticking with it. :#

    Welcome to the forum though.. I do agree they need to make a part of the game that is for the "PVE" part of our community. They are a vital part, with very deep purses.

    I have seen people spend $200.00 for a *Hat*.. They capture that demographic and they go Platinum! :D

    .. The thing is I am serious.
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