Just a few days after the level caps were reached to 70, I saw players in the leaderboard of the arena battles that were already lvl 64.i can't even get to 62-63 in a day.HOW?now they're level 70s so fast


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    They hoarded energy before the level raise. I. E didn't do battles for weeks before hand and bought energy to hoard it until the cap was raised.
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    1. Hit Cap

    2. Level 7-10 up characters to max level, and gear them.

    3. 1 month before level cap increases (They gave what? 25 days + notice?) buy 50-50-100-100 refreshes on energy every day and save. 480/day X 25 days = 12,000 energy

    4. Spend Energy, reach level 64 in 15 minutes or less by calling GEICO.

    5. ?????

    6. Profit!!!
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    Wow...long process.thanks!
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