Feature Request- Weapons

The new menu and feature idea: Weapons!
This will actually help some people.
Take 5's for eg. He is accustomed with DC-15A and DC-17. You unlock a DC-15A. You can equip it on anyone who used it, but its unique is applied to characters who have 'mastery' of the weapon. I can give Rex the 15A for boosting his damage (but -10 speed), but Fives gets a Mastery booster.
DC-15 A- Unique- Cadet Weapon- this weapon has extra potency and crit chance.
All weapons are classified into- speed class, damage class, multi attack class, crit class, potency class, anti evasion class and armor piercing class.
Armor Piercing reduces armor and ignores it. Anti evasion add -evasion chance. Potency adds... potency. Crit adds crit chance or damage. Multi attack class gives extra attack chance. Damage boosts non crit damage. Speed reduces other things very slightly to boost speed.
Weapons are unlocked by getting parts like Powercell, Trigger, Scope, etc. and these can be used to to upgrade the weapon as well. For eg, a E11 need a Mk 1 Actuating Blaster Module (E11), Mk 3 Heavy Trigger (E11), Mk 5 Synthetic Prismatic Crystal (E11), Mk 1 Coolant Barrel (E11), Mk 2 Elongated Grip Barrel (E11) and Mk 2 Bypassing Electromagnetic Chamber (E11). It can be used by Luke, Raid Han, Stormtrooper, Princess Leia, StH, and anybody who has ever used the blaster for even one shot, but only Stormtroopers get the Mastery booster. Using other, more advanced parts will upgrade it (gear it up), like the Mk 1 Lightweight Body (E11) can be replaced with a Mk 1 Heavyweight Body (E11) to boost damage, or Mk 2 of the lightweight to boost speed.
1...2...3! You're dead!


  • Th menu is like the characters menu. You can make as many as you want, but making them consumes credits, based on the parts used.
    1...2...3! You're dead!
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