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Hello I'm currently level 53 I started playing right after Christmas and I was addicted then I got bored of it and stopped playing for two weeks and I came back a couple days ago and everybody in my arena is so much higher than me now I was top 200 now I'm like 600 so Im having a problem getting higher in arena with my team. My team has about 14,500 power when all other teams at like the 500 place have around 16k power my current team I use is
6 star Sid lv6 gear
6 star Lumi lv7 gear
4 star Maul lv6 gear
4 star Poe lv6 gear
3 star Dooku lv6 gear

Then people I don't use in arena but I use in GW etc are
4 star JC lv6 gear
4 star Genosian Soldier lv5 gear

I want to end up replacing Maul but idk who can replace him idk if I should replace him with genosian soldier because I'm farming JC from cantina energy instead of GS right now i want to keep leveling up Poe for cantina shipments and Dooku with energy but idk who I can replace Maul with

Also I almost have Lumi and Sid to 7 stars who should I get in arena and GW shipments after them can anybody in those shipments replace Maul or anything?? Any feedback about my team would be great ty for reading


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