Team advice, who to use lv 64.

Hey Guys, my current team is:
6* Phasma (leader) (gear7),
7* Sid (gear8),
7* Lumi (gear7),
5* JC (gear8),
4* Doku (gear8)

1.should i replace someone for a 5* Kylo (gear7, one left to 8)?

2. Who should i farm next, or should i keep training my current characters?

Thx for your help


  • l3end3r
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    Who are you farming in cantina? Poe, QGJ, or even FOO or Dakka would be a good addition to replace JC.

    Kylo might be moderately better than Dooku at 5*, but I've only played against those characters and both are good for your team.

    GS is who id recommend farming for your team in particular (although he's always a good option). But Kylo works too and even JC will be good in GW.

    Finish Phasma in GW. You'll be in good shape.

    Phasma (lead), GS, Poe or QGJ, Sid and Lumi is the team I would try to build next

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