Transferring account from Android to Kindle

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So I just got a Kindle Fire. Right now I play GoH on my Android device. Is it possible for me to log on and play on the same account on my Kindle? If so, how?


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    If it has Google play store download the game and then log in when it asks if you have an existing account
  • You can play SWGOH on a Kindle. You need to download an app from the Kindle store called one mobile as SWGOH isn't in the Kindle app store. You can then use one mobile to install apps from the Google Play Store and update them as needed.

    The problem you will have is Amazon don't support Google play and therefore you won't be able to transfer your account. In addition you won't be able to back up your account using this. The Kindle does have a back up feature, but i'm not sure how well it works for unsupported apps.

    I played SWGOH on my Kindle for a few months, but on a Fire HD 6 it was laggy as hell, so even if you could do what you wanted to, I wouldn't recommend it.
  • Also forgot to mention that because there is no Google play store, you can't buy anything. Fine if you're F2P, but just so you're aware.
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