How to do 30% in 2 minutes with GK in P1 HAAT

This team came from a variation shown by my friend Ke Kattia, the team he showed was Boba, Rex, Gk, Maul and Anakin.

First I will talk about the variations of this team. At least in the tests I did I got more success with this training but I did some tests with my limited inventory and I will speak the best results, the base of the team is always General Kenobi and Maul:

Ig88 (leader), Boba and Anakin the maximum I did was 22%
Ig88 (leader), Boba and Scavanger the maximum I did was 26%
Boba (leader), Anakin and FOTP the maximum I did was 25%
Boba (leader), Anakin and FOTP the maximum I did was 20%
Anakin (leader), FOTP and Scavanger the maximum I did was 28%

From what I've found, the IG88 leader is what works best for those who do not have FOTP, but my inventory is limited. I think Pao can replace FOTP as well.


Now let's talk about the MODS

Ima Gun Di: 216% CD with the second best set of CC and Offense

FOTP: 216% CD with the best set of CC and Offense you have

Scavanger: 216% CD with plenty of CC and minimum speed 170 (needs to be slower than Maul)

Maul: 216% CD and minimum speed of 175 (needs to be more retaken than Scavanger)

Kenobi: You can put CC and CD and this will improve your damage a bit, I use the arena set with tenacity for lack of swapping. Minimum speed 175


Use the maul AOE, it needs to apply Daze on B2 and the 2 IG100
Use Kenobi's ability 2
Use Scavenger's AOE (you'll get much better damage if the scavanger applies Offense up in FOTP)

I hope I have helped, sorry for my horrible English!


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