Emperor's Demise T6 - Do or Do Not?


  • Wedge lead, use Biggs special on a Royal Guard. Try to survive the multi stun, then have ackbar do his 3rd special and use wedges aoe bomb and then get another turn. This and another shot from biggs should take him down or close to it. After that clear any debuffs with ackbar and re use Biggs special for the win.

    At least, thats what I did. I had ST han instead of leia but it should be doable.
  • Spinal
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    I have the same problem, i use

    AA 7* lvl 70 G8
    Biggs 7* lvl 70 G8
    Wedge 7* lvl 70 G8
    K-2S0 7* lvl 70 G8
    SH 6* lvl 70 G8

    I can kill both royal guards, but after that i can't do any dmg on emperor (he just heal back up again)
  • Man thats a tough lineup to run with, that being said just keep alternating till you find a good pattern and consider changing up your leaders if theres anything else that may work, I had to switch from Wedge to Lando to get by it and it was still tough for my level of toons and gear.
  • Make use of the def down on wedges basic on palp then a single Biggs triple shot should finish him off. After that the RGs should be a breeze. If Ackbar goes before Lando then use his ability to let Lando AoE twice. Focus on speed arrows and any crit rate/dmg in other slots. With a wedge lead you'll heal on crits, and Lando needs crits to spam his AoE. More crits and crit dmg really boost wedge, biggs and leia as well. you have the toons, you have the gear, try and farm the mods.
  • I know man, its sadly all ive got to work with and im frantically trying to do as to not have to wait another 2 months. Is there any advice you can offer???
  • EricsonX
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    It's possible. Lando can hopefully AOE the guards down, use Wiggs to nuke Palpatine.
  • stavrik
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    After couple times I managed to get 6* EP. Actually AI won battle for me. I tried Ackbar lead, then Lando. I must say about 5 times I tried.
    Then put Wedge as leader. Auto battle and was very surprised that in first attempt with Wedge managed to defeat EP. I could not believe. Starting to think that I don't know how to play this game. So AI won battle for me. Lost K2SO and Ackbar.
    My rebel team:
    Wedge, Biggs, Ackbar, Lando and K2SO. All L66 G8 6*
    Must say that I put good mods on them
  • Hit EP first.. but yeah I agree that's a tough non lethal line up
  • The only advice that comes to mind is: Change your team .. except you can level your current team to the max, with gear 9 or higher.

    Better characters are wedge and lando, ...

    Good luck :/
  • I appreciate your help everyone. Ive thought about attacking ep first but with the taunts the rg puts out and him regaining health after every attack its made it incredibly hard to do so. I think im honestly up a creek w/o a paddle. By the time i take out the royal guards im usually toast.
  • Zalastro
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    It's easy, kill ep first. Anyone with wiggs, Lando and STH should be able to do it. I did it with level around 68 and I think I used Lando (l), wiggs, aa and STH. Lando molded to run short after a for the double Aoe. STH taunt just in the last round
  • stavrik
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    My auto team first killed RG's then EP. I think for me saver was that K2SO inflicted offensive down and Wedge defense down on EP. After that Wiggs and Lando easily took care of Emperor. It was very fast because I put 4x speed thinking that Auto Wedge lead will fail.
  • How close to get admiral ackbar replace bodies with ackbar
  • Replace bodhi with ackbar if you can 7* ackbar
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    I used pathfinder and st han, the strategy that worked for me was taunting with pathfinder until the guards were beat, then taunt with han as you need the turn meter more when it's emperor by himself. But man, that's a rough lineup to work with, the dps just isn't there to beat his heal, I was using lando lead with critical damage and chance mods and was also using ackbar.
  • I tried 30 times or so :) Modded up with health and also used a lot of ability mods during my attempts to finally get it right in the end with:

    7*, g8 AA (lead), lvl 72
    7*, g8 Biggs, lvl 72
    6*, g8 St. Han lvl 72
    6*, g8 Lando, lvl 72
    6*, g8 Luke, lvl 72
    Like you, I was also at the verge of giving up as I was not getting anywhere close in the beginning until at one point I was a hair away of defeating Palp. At that point, I started just boosting the abilities.
    swgoh profile teamrex https://swgoh.gg/p/161639499/
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    All level 77 chars
    Wedge G9 L
    Biggs G9
    Ackbar G8
    Lando G8
    Leia G9

    Played a few times and deliberately retreated everytime when I'm about to win to see what's the battle based on since you can't replay battles. It's all RNG for me. At my worst roll, my team wiped with Vader and Palps still standing. At the best roll, breezed through it with 4 characters standing. Lando got culling bladed. Didn't need ST Han. All out dps and cleansing from Ackbar for me. I hit the RGs first and killed both of them. Then went for EP since his Shock, stuns and bonus dmg against Rebels were debilitating. Triple shot made things easier.Just keep trying on your side, RNG should go in your favour. Should be a lot easier with Ackbar though.

    My best attempt I think:
  • I got beat with a SC Pathfinder first time then won easy with st Han who was about 1500 points behind him.. bad news. My other account got thru with Bodie but also had lando
  • KorAgaz wrote: »
    So I'm trying to get EP to 6*, but Tier 6 looks impossible with my squad. Wanted to ask whether to keep trying, since, at the moment and after 10 or so tries, after I kill the second royal guard I'm getting destroyed by EP who attacks again and again and again. This is my squad:

    - AA (L) L73 G8 6*
    - Biggs L75 G8 7*
    - Wedge L75 G8 6*
    - Lando L72 G8 7*
    - Leia L72 G8 6*

    Leia looks like the weakest spot in my team (since she does practically nothing, managing to get only a handful of attacks which are usually single). Mods is another problem of mine (they all have T1 health mods, with lando having 2 x T3 ones, and AA having 4 x protection and 2 x tenacity).

    Do you think there's a hope? Should I just abandon and strengthen my squad for next time? I hope I'll have someone more useful (STH) instead of Leia by then.

    Oh and these are all my 6* Rebels so there's no option of trying other combinations.

    Grind your rebels and 7* palp! Trust me!
  • The team I used was Wedge as leader, Biggs, Ackbar, Lando, and ST Han or Luke. I think I had Luke on the team when I finally got through the final tier. I think I only 1-starred the tier too. But what I did was go after the two Royal Guards. Then I went after Palpatine. I used Biggs' special ability sparingly though and just hit him with basic hits, plus everyone's basic hits. Then when Palpatine got to about half health, I used Biggs' special ability. After that, I finished off Vader with what health he had after using Lando and Wedge's AOE attacks. But I think I got down to Biggs, Ackbar, and Luke. Wedge and Lando got eliminated. In addition to what I did, also throw in that luck was on my side. I was doing the same strategy before but kept losing all my guys. Took me like 10 attempts. I finally got it though and now have a 7-star Palpatine.
  • I assume most know this, but I hope you put your best mods on them. If not, that will help for sure.
  • I used your team except a Wedge lead.
  • swgohfan29
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    Admiral Ackbar (L) G8 Lv70
    Jyn Erso G8 lv 70
    STH G8 lv 70
    Wedge G 8 lv 70
    Leia g8 Lv 70
    All except Ackbar are 6 stars with ok mods

    Edit: My Gear Levels were wrong
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  • CameronD
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    I'm mean you get unlimited plays just go for it
  • crzydroid
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    You could probably do t7 with that.
  • There's still 5 or so days left so if you're falling short today why not spend a few days grinding for mods, SHan shards, gear for your team, whatever you need. After my first attempt I was ready to give up (I got wiped with only one RG down to about 75% health), so I tried a few different combinations, worked on strategy and concluded it was possible, with a little help.

    So I spent a few million credits to get Cassian leveled up (I only had 5 rebels that qualified), swapped a few 4-5* mods (that adds up) and spent a lot energy for a few gear pieces. But ask me if it was worth it :wink:
  • swgohfan29
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    Guys help me strats please i cant do it
  • Wiggs is better (Wedge/ Biggs) Putting Wedge as leader.
  • scuba
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    I used this on my alt account today
    Lando g9
    Leia g7
    Cassian g8
    K2 g8
    Biggs g8
    Lando and biggs only ones with mods, Biggs mods are junk as only for ships
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