My suggestions for next QoL update

In case you dont know, QoL stands for Quality of Life, and a QoL update is when they optimize the game and improve it rather than add new content. Here is my wishlist for the next QoL update:

-Fix the enrage counters to be accurate
-Enable more control/restrictions over the raids
-Being able to have a slider to choose how many bronzonium packs you wish to open
-Slightly better stuff in bronzoniums (bit of a stretch)
-Edit the angle of ships even more to allow for better selection
-Instead of showing 30 HoT's or DoT's, just show one of them with a x30 in the corner of it
-Logs/replays for arena battles that happened when you werent present
-A more predictable schedule for credit heists
-More bug fixes!!!
-A type of skirmish/non competitive battle mode that costs no energy
-Player vs Player battles!


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